1. Application Form FSEC
  2. Application Form FSIC
  3. Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance (FSEC)
  4. FSIC for Occupancy PERMIT
  5. FSIC for New Business Permit
  6. Fire Safety Checklist
  7. Notice to Disapproval FSIC (NOD)
  8. Notice of Disapproval FSEC (NOD)
  9. Inspection Order (IO)
  10. Notice to Comply (NTC)
  11. Notice to Correct Violation (NTCV)
  12. Abatement Order (AO)
  13. Closure Order or Stoppage of Operation
  14. Checklist -Industrial Occupancy
  15. Checklist Education Occupancy
  16. Checklist Detention and Correctional Occupancy
  17. Checklist Mercantile Occupancy
  18. Checklist Business Occupancy
  19. Checklist Health Care Occupancy
  20. Checklist Storage Occupancy
  21. Checklist for Single and Two-Family Dwellings
  22. Checklist Miscellaneous Occupancy
  23. Checklist Theater Occupancy
  24. Checklist Small General Business Establishment
  25. Checklist Residential Occupancy
  26. Checklist Gasoline Service Station
  27. Checklist Places of Assembly Occupancy
  28. Order of Payment
  29. Fire Safety Clearance – Installation of Bldg Service Equipment
  30. Fire Safety Clearance – Installation of Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS)
  31. Fire Safety Clearance – Hot Works Operation
  32. Fire Safety Clearance -Operation of Dust Producing Machines
  33. Fire Safety Clearance – Installation of LPGAS System
  34. Fire Safety Clearance – Storage for Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  35. Fire Safety Clearance – Conveyance of Hazardous Materials and Chemicals in Cargo Vehicles
  36. Fire Safety Clearance – Electrical Clearances
  37. Fire Safety Clearance – Fireworks Exhibition
  38. Fire Safety Clearance – Fumigation and Thermal Insecticidal Fogging
  39. Fire Safety Clearance – Installation of Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems
  40. Fire Safety Clearance – Installation of Flammable and Combustible Liquids Storage Tanks
  41. Certificate of Fire Drill
  42. Notice to Stop Work
  43. Fire Safety Clearance – Selling of Fire Crackers
  44. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS)
  45. Application Disapproval form FSEC
  46. Application Disapproval Form FSIC