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I.	The BFP's mandates and functions, vision and mission,  list of key officers and regional directors  
	with the office contact details.
		a. Mandates and Functions

		b. Vision and Mission

		c. List of BFP Key Officers 

II.	BFP Operational Procedures Manual

		a. BFP Operational Procedures Manual

		b. Publication and Launching of the BFP Operational Procedures Manual

III.	Annual Report

		a. Statement of Allotment, Obligation and Balances (SAOB)

			a.1 FY 2017

			a.2 FY 2016

			a.3 FY 2015

			a.4 FY 2014

			a.5 FY 2013

			a.6 FY 2012

			a.7 FY 2011

			a.8 FY 2010

			a.9 FY 2009

		b. Disbursement and Income

			b.1 Disbursement

				b.1.1 FY 2014

				b.1.2 FY 2013

			b.2 Income

				b.2.1 FY 2013

				b.2.2 FY 2012

				b.2.3 FY 2011

				b.2.4 FY 2010

		c. Physical Plan
			c.1	FY 2018
				1. FY 2018 BFP Targets and Allotment per GAA

			c.2	FY 2017

			c.3	FY 2016

			c.4	FY 2015
				c.4.2	GAA 2015

					1.	BFP Portion-Budget

					2.	BFP Portion-Targets

			c.5 FY 2014

			c.6 FY 2013

			c.7 FY 2012

		d. Financial Report of Operation

			d.1 FY 2012

			d.2 FY 2011

			d.3 FY 2010

			d.4 FY 2009

		e. Budget and Financial Accountability Reports

			e.1 FY 2017
			e.2 FY 2016

			e.3 FY 2015

			e.4 FY 2014

			e.5 FY 2013
		f. Physical Report of Operations 

			f.1 FY 2017
					1.BFP Physical Operations Report for 2017

			f.2 FY 2016
					1. Form A-1(Department Performance Targets and Accomplishments)

					2. Form A-Physical Report of Operations(PRO) December 2016
			f.3 FY 2015
				f.3.1 BAR
					1. BAR No. 1 Quarterly Report

					2. Acknowledgement Reciept

IV. DBM approved budgets and Corresponding Targets

		a. DBM Approved Budget and Target

			a.1 FY 2014

				a.1.1 DBM Approved Budget: BFP GAA

				a.1.2 Corresponding Targets:
					1. MFO Targets 2012

					2. MFO Targets 2014

V. Status of implementation and program/project evaluation and/or assessment reports

		a. FY 2017
				a.1	Annual Procurement Plan CY 2017

		a. FY 2016
		a. FY 2015
				a.1	Annual Accomplishment Report CY 2015
				a.2	Guidelines on Rating and Ranking for the Possible Grant of CY 2015 PBB

		b FY 2014

				b.1 Submission of Proposed Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) Forced 
                                    Ranking System of the BFP CY 2014

				b.2 Status Of Major Procurements 2014 

				b.3 Key Programs and Policy Directions 2014

				b.4 BFP-AAPPSI Audit Observations and Recommendations CY 2012 as of Dec 31, 2014
		c. FY 2013

				c.1 Accomplish Report-Const of 33 FS in ARMM

				c.2 BFPAAPPSI Audit Observations and Recommendations CY 2013

VI. Annual Procurement Plan, Contracts awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultants

          	a. Annual Procurement Plan

         	b. Contracts awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultants

VII.  Evaluation and Ranking of Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)

		CY 2016 PBB

				1. PBB 2017 Resolution 2018-01
				2. Endorsement-OFC Endorsement re Letter to USEC Pascua re PBB Point Persons for FY 2017 PBB

		CY 2016 PBB

				1. BFP Proposed Ranking Scheme for CY-2016 PBB 

		CY 2015 PBB

				1. MFO Accounting Report Card (MARCH-I) 
				2. Management Accountability Report Card (MARCH-II) 

	View Posts related to evaluation and ranking of PBB

VIII.ISO 9001:2015 Documented Information
		a. Quality System Manual
                b. Procedures
                c. Forms
                d. Management Review Minutes