In order to serve as overarching force for defining the BFP’s organizational purpose and reason for its existence, all units of the BFP at the national, regional/district and city/municipal levels are hereby directed to adopt the new vision and mission statement as follows:

A modern fire
service fully capable of
ensuring a fire safe nation by 2034.

We commit to prevent and suppress
destructive fires, investigate its causes;
enforce Fire Code and other related laws: respond
to man-made and natural disasters and other emergencies.

The BFP’s Philosophy is: “We serve, so that others may live”. As a public safety agency, our organization adheres to the doctrine of life preservation in the event of emergency, disaster and calamity.

All units of the BFP are hereby directed to display in a conspicuous area the new vision and mission statements for public view and internalization of all BFP officers and staffs. All units of the BFP are further directed to integrate the reading/recitation of the new BFP vision and mission statements during flag raising ceremony every Monday.

Reference: Memorandum Circular Number 2016-003
(Subject: Implementing Guidelines for the Adoption of BFP’s New Vision and Mission Statements)