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         A US civil war veteran have said: “When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death – that is heroism.”

         Today, seldom we know people who depict heroism as described by the above statement. But the fact is, there are still individuals who do not fear losing their own lives to save others – our firefighters. Their gallant acts beyond firefighting are now being recognized around the world which regarded them as the “modern day heroes”. Most of them have already faced their darkest days while in the forefront of battle against disasters and other adversities.

         As the sole government agency mandated to protect lives and properties against destructive fire, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) offers this website that will serve as a window to the home of our country’s noble firefighters.

         We, in the Fire Bureau, are privileged to provide this medium of information to disseminate updates on our activities, programs and achievements; to deliver public awareness on life safety and fire prevention; to uphold transparency and accessibility through presentation of our plans, procurement processes, and personnel movement; to interact with the community; and to introduce our firefighters’ selflessness and competency in carrying out their duties and responsibilities of suppressing and investigating fires and providing rescue, medical and emergency services.

         Along with the creation of this website is our desire of acquiring greater support and cooperation from every Filipino and from the different sectors of the community. The BFP is encouraging everyone, young and old, rich or poor, to join us in the preservation of life and economic wealth.

         Save lives and properties in your own little way! Be a modern day hero by practicing fire safety every day!

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