The BFP National Headquarters conducted Earthquake and Fire Drill relative to the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC). The Drill took place at exactly 9:00 o’clock in the morning today July 23, 2015, with a 1 minute sound of an alarm and crumbling sounds. BFP personnel performed the DUCK, COVER and HOLD maneuver and immediately evacuated the building right after the sound of the alarm. Search and Rescue Team entered the building upon the signal of CSUPT RODRIGO R ABRAZALDO, Incident Commander (IC) to extricate trapped and injured BFP Personnel and were immediately given medical first aid. Fire Fighting was also conducted after the earthquake drill, performed by the BFP NHQ firefighting team.

earthquake drill 001 earthquake drill 002 earthquake drill 003 earthquake drill 003a earthquake drill 004 earthquake drill 004a earthquake drill 005 earthquake drill 006 earthquake drill 007 earthquake drill 008 earthquake drill 009 earthquake drill 0010