The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) once again reminds the public to be more cautious against fire during the observance of the Lenten Season. BFP particularly gives emphasis on the safety of every household in order to achieve a fire-safe Semana Santa.

Since holy week falls in summer season, the public is reminded to observe fire precautions. Since most of the Filipino families get away from their homes during Holy Week for a vacation or engaging in Semana Santa activities, everyone must observe the importance of practicing fire safety before leaving the house. Make sure to always unplug electrical appliances; switch off the main source of power; do not leave lighted candles, lamps or cigarettes; close LPG valve; and secure flammable/ combustible substances in a safe area. If possible, ask a neighbor or nearby friend/ relative to check your house from time to time.

Since the BFP is on heightened alert for the Holy Week, all its personnel nationwide were directed to prepare to render assistance and response to various emergencies or accidents on highways that may occur at the height of the season.

The BFP Regional, Provincial and City/ Municipal Fire Stations will monitor places in their respective areas from time to time in order to quickly respond to or prevent the possibility of fire incidents.

BFP asks for the full cooperation of the public to make efforts in ensuring the safety of their homes against destructive fires. On the other hand, the agency guarantees the public of its continuous monitoring for the entire duration of the Lenten Season for a solemn and fire-safe holiday.