Friday the 13th was indeed a lucky day for Isabelita Cayao, 39 years old of Imus Cavite, who at that time, November 13, 2015 was waiting for his husband to fetch her at the waiting shed near US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard. Cayao, a mother of four who works at the Manila port being a licensed broker was caught up at the waiting shed with her groceries and other belongings during the lockdown. It was part of the security procedures during the APEC meeting. According to Cayao, her daughter was scheduled for a medical check-on that day and that her husband is going to fetch her in the said place. There was an ongoing rally opposite the place so she hurriedly boarded their car upon arrival of his husband without knowing that she left her laptop. The contingents of BFP Paco Fire Station headed by Sinsp Crossib Cante who was deployed near the US Embassy as part of the Civil Disturbance Management (CDM) Team had noticed the laptop. The team immediately recovered it and coordinated to the K-9 unit for security reason. After checking and finding the unit safe and was confirmed that it was unintentionally left behind they tried to locate the owner whose name appeared on the laptop screen.

Inspector Alexander Gregorio Domingo, Deputy Fire Sub-station Commander of Paco Fire Station was able to locate and positively identify the owner through facebook. Inspector Gregorio then requested the owner to claim the item at the fire station.

During the formal turn- over, Cayao was very grateful to all the BFP personnel of Paco fire station for returning the item. “Ako po ay nagpapasamat sa katapatang ipinamalas ng mga bumbero ng Paco fire station” (I am very much grateful for the honesty shown by Paco fire station personnel), Cayao said. Sinsp Cante for his part said that he and his men are just doing their job.

“I am personally extending my commendation to the BFP headed by Director Ariel Barayuga for the honesty exemplified by our firefighters in returning the laptop. Despite the sacrifices and risk encountered by these BFP personnel at the height of APEC”, DILG Secretary Sarmiento said as he extolled the dedication of the BFP contingents during their deployment in their specific staging areas particularly in the billet areas where the 21 visiting economic leaders are housed.

Director Ariel Barayuga also lauded the act of honesty displayed by Paco firemen as he challenged his colleagues to exemplify the good deeds. “Keep up the good work as you continue to inspire our fellow public servants in performing their sworn duties”, Dir. Barayuga said.

He said that such noble deed must be given due recognition, hence these men will be awarded with commendation during flag raising ceremony at the BFP National Headquarters.###

BFP News Release
21 November 2015
Reference: Office of the Public Information Services, BFP-NHQ