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The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) enters a memorandum of agreement today with the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSCH) represented by DIRECTOR ARIEL A BARAYUGA, CEO VI and Executive Director Ma. Teresita S. Cucueco, M.D., CESO III, respectively.

OSHC is the national focal agency on occupational safety and health (OSH) mandated to provide services assistance in the following areas: research, training, information dissemination and technical services to all enterprises and workers. Another is to conduct OSH training courses to increase the number of OSH professionals and to enhance the capacities of institutions and enterprises in implementing OSH in the public and private sector.

On the other hand, BFP has the mandate to ensure public safety and promote economic development through the prevention and suppression of all kinds of destructive fires and promote the professionalization, including enforcement of all laws, rules and regulations to ensure adherence to standard fire prevention and safety measures, and promote accountability for fire safety in the fire protection and prevention service.

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“In view of our common objective to promote safety, we both expressed our interest and willingness to jointly conduct the Fire Safety Training for Fire Safety Practitioners (FSTFSP), as required under Republic Act 9514 or Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008. The said MOA aimed to improve compliance to the Fire Code and Occupational Safety and Health Standards” Director Barayuga said as he expressed his gratitude to OSHC through Director Cucueco for their commitment and support to this noble project which will benefit all those fire safety practitioners who’s role in ensuring the safety of our workers in their work places is vital.

With the conduct of FSTFSP, both BFP and OSHC agreed with the following terms and conditions: (1) to come up with a training curriculum with the BFP prescribed module; (2) conduct training agreed by both parties and shall not be less than two (2) times per year; (3) training management will be the responsibility of the OSHC and lastly, (4) certificate of completion shall be jointly signed by the BFP and OSHC.
According to Director Barayuga, this is another milestone on the part of the BFP since it will strengthen its advocacy of ensuring the safety of the community. Also, the accreditation of Fire Safety Practitioners will be an add-on force to the BFP and OSH promotion of occupational safety. ###

BFP News Release
29 October 2015
Reference: Office of the Public Information Services, BFP-NHQ