BFP-AMPC 18-005F1 – Brokerage Services (17 units) for the donation entitled: “The Project of Providing Emergency Vehicles for the 15 LGU in Mindanao Area
BFP-AMPC 18-006 – Catering for Hosting of National Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee, Sub Committee on International Law Enforcement
BFP-AMPC 18-007 – Other Supplies (Catering Services for the Conduct of BFP-NHQ Lenten Recollection)
BFP-AMPC 18-008 – Procurement of Uniform for NHQ Personnel and SOPI
BFP-AMPC 18-009 – Tokens
BFP-AMPC 18-0010 – Rental of Tents, Tables, Chairs and Portalets
BFP-AMPC 18-0011 – Rental of Lights and Sounds System and LED Clock
BFP-AMPC 18-0012 – Printing of Invitations, Tarpaulins and Programs
BFP-AMPC 18-0013 – Refill of Extinguisher refill 10 lbs capacity, 120 units
BFP-AMPC 18-0014 – Bus Rental
BFP-AMPC 18-0015 – Physical Arrangement
BFP-AMPC 18-0016 – Rental of Materials for Joem Attack Tournament (782E)
BFP-AMPC 18-0017 – Procurement of Supplies for NFO Activities

Download (Request_for_Quotation_BFP_AMPC_18-005_to_017_Feb212018.pdf)